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Your Ansul R102 kitchen fire suppression system  requires servicing every six months in order to comply with the manufacturers regulations. Although your system may not have been activated, the canopy installed components have been through a hard time having been heated up to a high temperature and then cooled down on a daily basis. The heart of the system is the heat detectors. It is essential that these separate at the predetermined temperature to activate the system. Over time these detectors can become brittle due to the heat exposure, and delay the activation process. They will also be covered in a layer of fat that has migrated from the cooking processes. This can act like an insulator again delaying activation.


The nozzles need to be removed and thoroughly washed to ensure that any fat migration into the nozzle has been cleared.


As well as other tests the system will have a simulated firing test of both the automatic system and also the manual pull station. This also tests the fuel  isolation and alarm features.


Cleaning the Ansul R102 system is also a major job for Caterfires engineers to ensure everything works smoothly


Caterfire's fully trained and certified by Ansul (tyco)  engineers are strategically placed to ensure they are never far from our clients


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