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The Ansul R102 Wet Chemical Fire System is the market leader for kitchen fire suppression systems..

The Ansul R102 is a standalone fully self contained system requiring no electrical connection or water supply. Housed in stainless steel cabinets are agent tanks contaning Ansulex extinguishing agent and a gas (carbon dioxide or nitrogen) cylinder which propels the liquid through an array of pipe work and nozzles which are located over the kitchen appliances. As well as protecting the appliances further nozzles are mounted within the plenum area of the canopy to protect the rear of the filter banks and also into each extract duct. The Ansul R102 provides complete 24/7 protection

Activation happens when either a preset temperature  fusible link separates by excessive heat within the canopy or by operating a mechanical pull station.  When the Ansulex reaches the fire it has an instant knockback effect and a reaction called saponification causes a soapy like substance to form and suffocate the fire. The hot surfaces are also cooled by Ansulex.

Upon activation the Ansul R102 system terminates the fuel supply to prevent further flashbacks. A signal to the alarm system can also be sent to warn of the situation.



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